Meal Time Pack

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Make meal times fun with this set of eco friendly, plastic free and durable Haakaa meal time essentials. 

This pack includes one of each of the following

Silicone Divided Plate

The Haakaa Silicone Divided Plate is the perfect dinnerware solution for fussy little eco-friendly nuggets, with three compartments separating your little one's food into easy-to-eat sections. These plates are made of 100% food grade silicone and are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic and melamine plates. 

Silicone Noodle Spoon

This uniquely designed spoon is the perfect confidence builder for little hands learning to feed themselves. Made from 100% silicone and ergonomically shaped, the Haakaa Noodle Spoon is designed to assist children in scooping noodles onto their spoon in a motion that is both natural and easy while encouraging them to self-feed. The unique bent handle allows your child to grasp the handle comfortably and easily place food into their mouth, which builds confidence and independence while eating a traditionally tricky meal.

Stainless Steel Cups 

Finding alternatives to plastic and melamine cups can be difficult, so Haakaa Stainless Steel Cups are the perfect toddler-proof substitute. This four-pack of food-grade stainless steel cups won’t break or chip and are 100% dishwasher and little people-safe. Haakaa Stainless Steel Cups also come with a neoprene sleeve to carry your cups and make them easier to hold for little hands.

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